Sunday, 13 July 2008

Securing Loose Items

Images : Rhys Jones, August 2007
The best laid plans fall into disuse when something unexpected happens and I'm in that situation now. I had planned a summer of exciting projects but instead I've worked out what I'm calling a casserole pot - something which can be left on the heat to cook, picked up and put down as circumstances dictate. I'm trying to photograph places associated with known encounters with spirits and those places where I feel some power or force myself. St Pancras Station was one such place but I've recently been told that there is a spirit who lives backstage at the Pontardawe Theatre in Wales. St Donats Castle near Cardiff is also haunted and I have taken a lot of images inside and outside of the castle. If anyone would care to suggest any places that it would be interesting to photograph, please let me know.

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