Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Food Imagination

I try and avoid motorway service areas but just lately I've had to use them because of time constraints and it gives me such annoyance that the public are being short-changed in every way and are votong with their feet and staying away. Last night most of the menu was unavailable and what was on offer was a totally unappetising dried up pie and a fish and chips that looked like it had been cooked in a tub of batter about a week ago. Coffee is priced at almost £3 a cup - breakfast leaves almost no change from £10 if you have a drink with it - the nutritional value of food is not really considered. It's time we had a change! Why not hand over the running of one of these places to catering colleges. Swansea catering students run the restaurant in Singleton Park and do a great value for money job and produce interesting and appetising food with nutrition considered. If you go to France, the food is cooked to order and appears appetising and pretty good value for money. I'm sure the public will return if they feel that they are not being ripped off! healthy food in our bodies will make us all feel better and will in the long run mean that less people are spending time at the doctor and in hospital! rant over! 

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