Saturday, 19 December 2009

History Heroes

Deb Fisher November 2009 (c) Rhys Jones

A friend, Deb Fisher, will be appearing in the BBC History Magazine next February writing about her history hero, the poet Siegfried Sassoon. Check that out for an interesting article! I have just completed a small photoshoot with Deb commissioned by the Beeb for this article - they needed a half-body shot. We all have heroes and people that we look up to and are inspired by and some of those can be our friends as well. Many friendships have ups and downs and some go through difficult periods especially if the friend in question becomes embroiled in contoversy and is seen perhaps as less than inspiring in a particular circumstance. It is important to stand by that person - whatever they have done is just a passing event whereas a friendship is for life and spans a whole collection of events. Maybe one day we ourselves may need that support.

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