Saturday, 2 October 2010

Making a list

Had an early night last night, which I needed and managed to get in 12 hours I really must have needed it! It was like the sleep of Lethe, named after the Greek god of sleep...the word literally translates to oblivion and forgetfulness. I awoke to the Radio 4 Today programme and he first words I could make out where those of Thought for the Day where the speaker was talking about a list that was made by Kate Greene, a mother of two young boys, who sadly died from cancer. It was a list of 100 items she made for her partner with thoughts she had for him to do with the boys after she was gone. I found it very poignant but a great way to make something positive when everything around must have felt like falling apart. I'm doing a photoshoot this week-end and I've made my own list to try and make everything run as fault free as possible. Kate's list is one that anyone with kids could use to make family life as fulfilled as I'm glad I heard that thought for the day!

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