Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Book : Papillon

I have a new book published. I have spent the last three years photographing the stand-up comedy, cabaret, poetry and music scene in South Wales as a project for my Photography Masters degree. I have produced a book of black and white photographs which you can order by emailing me at My current intention is to undertake research building on work I have already completed but linking photography and art to the world of neuroscience and in particular to the world of conditions on the autism spectrum. Art and science are interlinked. Autism spectrum conditions have, as typical symptoms, some sort of communication problem or disorder. Photography, as a mysterious art form, can help generate a picture to a clinician of what a subject is trying to say without necessarily any words passing from the subject under review. Art can often be used to analyse what we are thinking and mean to put across and I am researching the use of art and photography as a tool alongside scientific analysis obtained by continuing studies in the field of neuroscience.

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