Monday, 4 April 2011


I returned from Japan on 23rd March having arrived the day before the terrible earthquake and tsunami. I was in a different region well away from the epicentre. I have had an article published in The Guardian Cardiff on-line blog and I am planning to set up some fund-raising events over the next few weeks. The earthquake has affected the whole of Japan in some way and although the mood has been to keep calm and carry on with normal lives there is now increasing concern about the aftermath of the destruction of the nuclear power station at Fukushima and the affect it will have on the economy and on people's health These issues are going to pose many questions not just for Japan but for the whole world about future use of nuclear power - the question that everyone wants to know is how safe are these plants and what happens if something goes wrong ? I have more images here on my Flickr page and I hope to return later to take some images of what will be a very painful and long rebuilding process. The images are from my time in the Kansai region and show peole getting on with their lives and at the same time showing concern by raising funds and taking part in events to support those involved in rescue and rebuilding efforts.

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