Wednesday, 18 January 2012

World Wide Webbing

It's always interesting to know from where people access this site - although there is not always interaction, my stats package shows that people access from a diverse range of countries, and it is good to share things - images, text thoughts. I think 'Unknown' refers to the growing trend to use 3G (soon to be 4G) to access from devices like mobile phones. Recent evidence suggests that the internet, only 20 years old, has now replaced television as one of the main sources of information and recreation for young people of school age. Some with longer memories will recall that at one time only 3 TV channels existed in the UK - we've moved a long way from there...

United Kingdom1676 (47.12%)
Unknown866 (24.35%)
United States665 (18.70%)
Canada51 (1.43%)
Australia50 (1.41%)
France46 (1.29%)
Germany44 (1.24%)
Sweden27 (0.76%)
Estonia27 (0.76%)
Spain23 (0.65%)
Italy20 (0.56%)
Ireland17 (0.48%)
Japan17 (0.48%)
Denmark15 (0.42%)
Czech Republic13 (0.37%)

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