Monday, 12 January 2009


My mind is still active at this hour and I'm sitting here suddenly concerned by the amount of surveillance and scrutiny of our every movement there is on the internet. I am guilty of a modest amount - I'm quite interested in where people access this page from and I guess not surprisingly the majority of logons are from the UK but some sites record logon ids, IP addresses, time of day. I suppose if I was running a business web site I would be interested to know that but otherwise it smacks a little of Big Brother in the George Orwell sense of the word.

Anyway for the record here are the usage stats for this site over the last month :

United Kingdom (70.32%)
United States (14.84%)
Unknown (not sure what this can be - maybe Internet cafes) (8.52%)
Estonia (1.46%)
Sweden (1.22%)
Canada (0.97%)
Australia (0.49%)
Israel (0.49%)
Norway (0.24%)
Portugal (0.24%)
Spain (0.24%)
Denmark (0.24%)
Turkey (0.24%)
Czech Republic (0.24%)
Belgium (0.24%)

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Mistlethrush said...

How did you find out where the visitors were from?