Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The White Room - looking for volunteers

Image : Harley's Cardiff Arcade November 2008 (c) Rhys Jones

So here's the deal....I'm looking for volunteers to take part in a project to explore identity, things that are important to us, how we see ourselves, how others see us, our dreams and fantasies, traces from our past, traces from a past life. I'm trying to explore this in photography. I've set up a project called the White Room. It will be a simply furnished room with a window, table and chair. I will take 3 images in this room as detailed below. I will set the whole thing up and will travel if necessary. This is be part of my practical work on the MA Photography : Contemporary Dialogues Programme at Swansea Metropolitan University I am on the Programme part-time over 3 years.

Image 1 - how we see ourselves

Come dressed in anything you find comfortable and bring 4 or 5 items which mean something to you and which you feel establish your identity. You will arrange the room and the items how you like.

Image 2 - how others may see you / our basic identity

In this image, I will arrange the room and ask you to wear a simple white garment like a sheet or blanket. The items I would like you to bring are 4 or 5 items that you would like to save if you were asked to destroy all your possessions. These are the essentials for continuing your life. One item should be something from your past which you would like to pass on to a future generation. One item should be something that you need and may make you feel uncomfortable but nevertheless something that you would not want to lose.

Image 3 - how you would like to be in your dreams or fantasies

In this image, I would like you to wear something that you do not normally wear but something that you would like to wear in a dream or fantasy or something that you would like to wear which will make other people notice that there is a change to your appearance or behaviour. You may bring 4 or 5 items to help act out this dream. We will agree how the room is to be arranged for this image.

I will set up a group on Facebook if you would like to add your name or if you would prefer please email me at rhysjones@ntlworld.com.

Thanks in advance if you would like to volunteer!


Anonymous said...

Rhys, you have yourself a volunteer, we'll have a chat about it when I see you next!

Mistlethrush said...

That sounds like an interesting project Rhys. Good luck.