Friday, 11 February 2011


I've been invited to have a small exhibition and give two talks about my work in Japan. I'll be leaving March 9th. My first week will be spent in Osaka where I'll be speaking at the Welsh Cultural Festival on March 12th with a Japanese photographer. Both of us will be presenting our personal views of Wales. I'll be presenting again to the Academic Society of Welsh Studies in Tokyo on March 19th. I'm keen to present a view of Wales which reflects what it is like to be a resident and which tackles some of the sterotypes. Wales is a small country with traditions which go back well into history and yet we have to be realistic that it will not be a country that will be well-known to most people in the world other than through its exports and these have been coal, products of heavy industry and various celebrities like Tom Jones, Richard Burton, Shirley Bassey and Anthony Hopkins. So there is a lot of material that can be presented which will be new to most audiences.

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