Wednesday, 14 November 2012

2LO Calling

90 years ago today, on 14 November 1922, The first official BBC radio broadcast was the evening news transmitted by London station 2LO from Marconi House studios on the Strand, Central London. The voice was that of the Programme Director Arthur Burrows.  '2LO' was the reference of the radio broadcasting license issued by the Post Office. The 1.5kW medium wave transmitter was built by the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company and situated at the top of Marconi House.

Radio is a very powerful medium associated of course with Dylan Thomas. One thinks of his broadcasts for this medium of his works and his play for voices 'Under Milk Wood' and it is hard to think of a voice more suited to this medium than that of Richard Burton, First Voice in the 1953 BBC radio production.

It was quite fitting to spend this evening at No 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Dylan's birthplace, listening to local poet and writer, Emily Hinshelwood, read from her new poetry collection 'On Becoming a Fish' published by Seren. The book can be ordered online from Seren on this link. No 5 Cwmdonkin Drive is highly recommended for a visit if you are in Swansea. A number of other poets and artists were also present in Dylan's front room and we had a wide-ranging and interesting discussion about a number of topics which  makes one realise the value of collaboration in art, the power of words and the importance of allowing time for a listener to think and take in the real meaning of words. Hopefully some follow up visits and chats over coffee will happen soon in my studio. I always like to have visitors and an opportunity to make a cuppa! 

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