Monday, 12 November 2012

Early frost

Driving home from Somerset yesterday, where we'd been to visit my mum who is in a Nursing Home near Somerton and Langport, I was conscious that the salt spreaders were out on some of the roads we passed along. A sign of early frost and the crisp mist in the air that often accompanies it on level ground. On the early part of our journey we drove along narrow lanes in East Somerset and then crossed the Somerset Levels. It reminded me of a visit we made to Brecon Beacons a few years ago at New Year where the bushes and undergrowth were frozen almost as if someone had walked past with a giant spray can of frost. It's a different quality to snow completely and the other feature of this type of weather is that the air also has the feeling of frostiness which you don't really get with snowfall. The photo is one I took of a hedgerow on the Beacons near the Visitor Centre which I may say made a very tasty cawl on the day we were there.

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