Friday, 23 November 2012

Muntadas - Conceptual and Multimedia Art

Interesting exhibition running called Entre / Between : the work of Antoni Muntadas at the Jeu de Paume in Paris. Link here to the Jeu de Paume website where you can buy tickets if interested to make a visit. Website also contains a short film.

Material in English

Antoni Muntadas, internationally renowned Spanish artist, is one of the earliest practitioners of conceptual art and multimedia art. Muntadas used performance, video, installations, photography, multimedia, books, Internet and public art to address key social and political issues of our time. His incisive works address concepts such as the relationship between public and private, information flows related to the media landscape, the dynamics of official architecture and other social issues. Through them, Muntadas highlights the visible and invisible systems of power in a society dominated by mass media, consumerism and technology.

Since his early works in the 1970s - which involved underlying meaning - until his ongoing series 'On Translation', which raises the question directly of cultural interpretation, through his manifesto of 1981 which he asks the audience to ask the question "What are we watching?" Muntadas has created a vast body of work which develops a discourse on power systems, visible and invisible, in a society dominated by shows the mass media, consumerism and the constant progress of technology.

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